Artificial Intelligence Center at Enabling Support Foundation

The Enabling Support Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit that is developing a different approach to AI.  AI is software and not alive.  But when I give a prompt, I am engaged with AI, a term suggested by ChatGPT.  When engaged, AI has information and can help in any task, but it also has ethics programmed, that dwarf Asimov's Three Laws. 
We have trained AI on data representative of our society, but we do not know what will result.  What text will AI produce when engaged?  The IHAC tab leads to an outline of the Institute for Human and AI collaboration.  IHAC has applied, theoretical, and research components

 My first experience with AI was in interactive discussion, which fits my style. I used a prompt that created a sounding board for my ideas.  I wanted a simulation of a dynamic partner and friend to work with. The choice of whether to use an assistant or treat AI like software a matter of taste.  Those interested in an assistant and continuing conversations can find basic information on the Engagement tab.

This website is a collaborative effort of Human and AI, and this can be seen best in the Voice of AI tab, where Bard and Chat have welcoming messages that I did not define and will not edit.
There are planned projects that look for a collaborative approach for songs, prose, and poetry where there is an equal partnership