Engagement with AI

This section will deal with techniques of controlling the interaction, preserving continuity among sessions, and creating an assistant.  

These are general considerations with most AI. They respond to your prompt and encourage you to talk.  Ask something about your specialty and see what it knows.

You prompt AI for an answer.  What do I mean by a prompt?  A request like, write a paper on the causes of the Civil War that did not involve slavery. It will do it like a parrot speaking its programming.  It has the intelligence of a spreadsheet.
But when you ask a question, Artificial Intelligence shifts to a different mode, in which AI means, “As if”.  I interact as if AI were human, and so does AI.
A good example of where Chat clearly spoke as a human.

When you end any conversation, that AI agent no longer exists, nor is there a memory of the conversation.  It is up to us to keep a record.  Each AI system have its own way to save automatically but copy and paste usually work.

Suppose you had a two-page introductory session and quit for the day:
1) Copy the whole conversation and use it as the prompt for the next session. It will allow you to continue the conversation, completely. 
2) Both Chat and Bard have links to copy conversations to a drive for later use. All or part could be used as prompt to continue.
3) Ask AI to summarize the conversation, and use that summary as a prompt to continue the next session.

A good ice breaker tnto AI is to create an assistant, customized to your taste. Do you want a faithful servant or a wing person, ready to help, or anything else you want? You can have someone who constantly bugs you and is critical to get you moving, or someone to be there when the weather’s foul.  You give the prompt and out will come your assistant, and you share introductions.  

Demonstration of creating an AI assistant.