Theater of the Cloud

This is the prompt that started the project

IHAC has initiated the Theater of of the Cloud,  which will produce theater written, directed, and starring AI. This prompt led to the start of the AI Theater of the Cloud.

 There are two characters: Sherlock Holmes and Mark Twain, literary compatriots of sorts. You have their representation in their writing, and I want you to use their dialect and idioms in a one act play. 
The two have mutual respect and want to know more. They meet in an undisclosed space and get to know one another. They decide to adventure either in New Orleans or London, or equivalent cities. 
This pilot is an illustration of the plays AI can write, direct, and act. The goal is to have them solve mystery together wherever city they choose. I would like to expand that to have multiple choice points and so multiple plays. But for now. A two-page meeting and a decision to meet again.

Notes and outtakes
Prelude and Act 1 of